• 90’S DUNKERS (10oz)
  • 90’S DUNKERS (10oz)
  • 90’S DUNKERS (10oz)

90’S DUNKERS (10oz)

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Description:Imagine your favorite 90’s snack (yes, they made a comeback), but in a spreadable treat with 65% less sugar? We did, and it’s AMAZING! Our...


Imagine your favorite 90’s snack (yes, they made a comeback), but in a spreadable treat with 65% less sugar? We did, and it’s AMAZING! Our 90’s Dunkers taste just like that childhood treat, featuring housemade Confetti Vanilla Buttercream Nutty Fluff & Vanilla Shortbread Cookies. Spread it on bread, put it in a smoothie, drop a spoonful in oatmeal, or eat it straight from the jar! This is a must have flavor if you want to re live your childhood!


  • Confetti Vanilla Buttercream Nutty Fluff - Sustainably sourced palm oil, cashews, cane sugar, vanilla powder, rainbow sprinkles [sugar, corn syrup, corn starch, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, carnauba wax [edible wax], and artificial food dyes, butter flavor
  • Vanilla Shortbread Cookies - Unbleached enriched wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate [vitamin b1], riboflavin [vitamin b2], folic acid, sugar, canola oil, palm oil, high fructose corn syrup, whey [from milk], eggs, salt, baking soda

Nutritional Label/Allergens:

  • See image in gallery above
  • Allergens: Contains Tree Nuts, Dairy, Milk, Gluten, & Soy (manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts)

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ate the whole jar

I'm ashamed to say I ate the whole jar in one day. Please don't judge me. I truly regret not buying a second jar in my order. I know it's a spread but I'm not positive what I would spread it on since it already has cookie bits in it. I just ate it by the spoonful all day until it was suddenly gone. Definitely getting more soon.


I swear, every time I open a jar of this stuff, I have a new favorite. This one I really, really love. The texture is different from most that I’ve tried. I wanna say it reminds me of damp sand, but that makes it sound so bad and it’s not!! The taste is darn good. If I don’t keep this stuff hidden away in the cupboard, I’ll just keep grabbing spoonfuls of it. Another flavor I regret not purchasing two jars of.

Andrew Reid
Very close

This one is pretty good but I think the cookies hold it back a little. The cookies got a little soggy. Other than that… very true to form

Richard Smith
Classic 90s snack from my teen days!

Tastes great! You should try for chocolate version soon.


This flavor is so authentic. Just like the original Dunkers!